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Beautiful Bouning "Once Upon a Mattress" At IWU


“Susong does a very good job keeping the right 50s feel, aided by Nicholas Bursoni’s nifty costumes and Andrea Healy’s pretty castle courtyard set.”  - Julie Kistler “A Follow Spot”



"Mattress" has everything going for it


“Elegantly costumed by Nicholas Bursoni, the ladies of the court look like young Audrey Hepburns in their black-and-white cocktail dresses.” Marcia Weiss “Pantagraph” 



Condomonium: A CHOICES Fundraising Fashion Event


"Third place was a pink, purple, and yellow two-piece design by Nick Bursoni, tying in an ever-feminine bustier-style top with a flowing, nearly ombré condom skirt. Not one to waste, Nick created a condom wrapper necklace that would cause double-take after double-take on the street."  Cheryl Malik "SQ Modern Media"

Ostrander's Awards Nominations-


Best Hair & Make-up Design-


Hairspray- Playhouse on the Square 2014

Angels in America Part 1: Millennium Approaches- Playhouse on the Square 2013

Angels in America Part 2: Perestroika- Playhouse on the Square 2013

The Club- POTS at the Works 2012

Noel Coward's Present Laughter- Circuit Playhouse 2012


The 2013-14 Ostrander Awards: Picks, Pans, and Who Got Robbed- 


"This category contains some of the season’s most deserving nominees. Memphis’ 60’s-revival girl band the Bouffants had a motto: The higher the hair, the closer to god. If there’s any truth to that Hairspray designer Nicholas Bursoni is the goddamn Pope." Chris Davis "Memphis Flyer"


Beat Davis, Win Steak: The Ostrander Contest-


"By now I'm sure you all know how this annual contest works. First I list my picks for who I think will win this year's Ostranders. For Hair and Make-up,  The pick: Nicholas Bursoni, The Club, Playhouse on the Square"  'Y'all, I kinda think Sally Stover may be a dude. Just saying.'" Chris Davis "Memphis Flyer"


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